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THE Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress has raised £10 million in ticket sales, after becoming the star attraction of Buckingham Palace's annual summer opening last year. Over 620,000 members of the public attended the display, which focused the gown as its centerpiece, with visitor numbers rising 52 per cent higher than that of the previous year.

Director of the Royal Collection Jonathan said "Unprecedented numbers came to see the Duchess' wedding dress, as the centerpiece of a special display celebrating the role of British design,”

Visitors were also able to see the Robinson Pelham diamond earrings given to Catherine by her parents for the wedding day, as well as her handmade silk shoes and the royal wedding cake designed by Fiona Cairns.

The news comes despite the Queen famously referring to the exhibit as "very creepy" - in reference to the way in which the gown, Cartier tiara and veil were displayed on a headless mannequin.
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