Karlie Kloss's Wish

Karlie Kloss is waiting to appear on the London Fashion Week catwalk this season - and she'd like to walk in particularly in one show.

"I haven't done London Fashion Week before long, would love to get back there shortly," said Karlie. "I'd love to walk in Burberry this season; it’s one show I haven’t done before!"
She is only 19 still,
Karlie Kloss is an expert catwalker - and she has some Fashion Week survival tips for all the models following in her footsteps.

"I am the queen of snacks! I always carry snacks and food with me in backstage," said Karlie. "Ask any of the girls, if you need something I usually have it in my purse - I have just about everything in there! And also I cannot travel without my notebook. I love to draw and write while traveling and explore new places."

"I make every effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle year round. It's not just being in shape for Fashion Week, I am travelling and shooting year round; the shows are just one part of this profession," she explained. "I think it's important to find a healthy way to keep your body and mind in shape. I will bring my tennis shoes wherever I travel and will go for a run whenever I get the chance. At lasts, I've found that running is one of the best ways to explore a new city!"


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