Alberta Ferretti’s New Muses

Today I'm Wearing stars of VOGUE and some of London's coolest girls are ready to the Albert Ferretti catwalk tomorrow to show the label's new demi couture line - Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition. Mary Charteris, Tali Lennox, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Amber Le Bon and next month's Today I’m Wearing contributor Solange Knowles are all model the collection of special, one-off dresses.

"I have selected girls with whom I have had a special relationship with for a long time and because I truly trust in friendship among women," said Ferretti. "They are all young girls able to understand and express contemporary fashion in a unique and special way."

The show will take place at the brand's Milan headquarters at Via Donizetti, which will be divided into two halves - the first featuring the new pre collection and the second the demi couture line. The event marks Ferretti has shown its pre collection on the catwalk the first time.


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