DIESEL Black Gold Debut in Milan

DIESEL Black Gold has previously presented its menswear as a part of its NEW YORK womenswear show. And now for the first time on January 17, the label will take to the Milan menswear catwalk.

"We are starting to pick the rewards from the line, which has an excellent, and customers are starting to look out for it," said Renzo Rosso, Diesel chief. "It also defines the separation among the men's and women's division, the latter of which will continue to show in New York. In terms of business for men's wear Milan is the city of excellence, and now we are being recognized as a real, unique brand."

Renzo Rosso is planning to open the brand's first boutique in New York in February, with more global stores in the pipeline. Also a dedicated campaign is expected.

"There is a serious business plan. It's me, my style, and my own wardrobe, what I like to wear. Also it has Diesel's rock essence, with a chic element," said Rosso.

Courtesy : VOGUE.CO.UK


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